Steenkamp moord volksblad

Hy word later bekend as die "vinnigste man sonder bene" deur met spesiaal ontwerpte lemme te hardloop. Sy pa is Henke Pistorius gebore 15 Maart Sy ma, Sheila gebore 9 Mei is op 6 Maart oorlede. Pistorius ding mee in die Tafeling enkele amputasie onder die knieten spyte daarvan dat hy eintlik in die Tkategorie dubbele amputasie onder die knie tuishoort. In neem hy aan sy eerste internasionale kompetisie vir niegestremde atlete deel. Aanvanklik word Pistorius deur die Internasionale Atletiek Federasie verbied om aan die Olimpiese Somerspele deel te neem nadat 'n Duitse universiteit bevind het dat sy bioniese kunsbene hom 'n voordeel bo gewone atlete gee.

Pistorius is op 14 Februarie Valentynsdag in hegtenis geneem nadat hy sy vriendin, Reeva Steenkampin sy huis in Pretoria-Oos doodgeskiet het.

Die polisie het Pistorius aangekla van die moord op Steenkamp en hy het op Vrydag 15 Februarie die eerste keer in Pretoria se landdroshof verskyn op 'n klag van moord met voorbedagte rade. Die landdros, Desmond Nair, Pretoria se hooflanddros, het met die verdediging saamgestem dat die borgtogverhoor uitgestel word tot Dinsdag 19 Februarie en dat Pistorius in aanhouding bly in die selle in Brooklyn se polisiekantoor.

Tydens die borgaansoek het die aanklaer beweer dat Pistorius vier skote deur 'n geslote toiletdeur geskiet en Steenkamp binne-in die toiletvertrek raakgeskiet het. In die hof op 19 Februarie het Pistorius aangevoer dat hy bang was daar is by sy huis ingebreek en dat hy nie geweet het Steenkamp was aan die ander kant van die deur nie.

Maar in getuienis tydens die borgaansoek het die hoof-ondersoekbeampte, Hilton Botha, erken daar is geen polisierekord dat Pistorius voorheen doodsdreigemente of ander misdade aangemeld het nie.

Botha moes tydens kruisverhoor erken dat hy prosedurefoute begaan het tydens die aanvanklike ondersoek in Pistorius se huis en dat hy geen bewyse kon kry wat Pistorius se weergawe van die skietery regstreeks weerspreek nie. Steenkamp se nadoodse ondersoek het gewys daar was geen tekens van aanranding voor haar dood nie. Dat haar blaas leeg was, bewys volgens die nadoodse ondersoek dat sy wel die toilet kort voor haar dood gebruik het.

Landdros Nair het in sy meer as twee uur lange uitspraak in die borgaansoek op Vrydag 22 Februarie die gebeure, soos deur Pistorius se verdediging sowel as Botha uiteengesit, herroep. Die hof, wat sowat 90 mense kan huisves, was stampvol van meer as belangstellendes, hofamptenare en verslaggewers.

Die klank van die uitspraak is regstreeks uitgesaai, onder meer op eNews Channel Africa, [5] maar die beeldmateriaal nie, ingevolge 'n besluit deur Nair. Die moordverhoor begin op 4 Junie Die streng borgvoorwaardes was onder meer dat hy sy reisdokumente moet indien, twee maal per week by die polisiekantoor moet aanmeld, nie alkohol mag gebruik nie en die owerheid in kennis moet stel indien hy die Pretoriase landdrosdistrik wil verlaat.

Op 4 Junie is Pistorius se verhoor uitgestel tot 19 Augustus vir verdere ondersoek deur die staat. Die vonnisse word gelyklopend uitgedien. Pistorius is op 19 Oktober onder korrektiewe toesig vanuit die Kgosi Mampuru II-gevangenis vrygelaat. Hy was ongeveer 'n jaar lank in die tronk. Sy parool sal tot voortduur. Die saak is na die hooggeregshof vir nuwe vonnisoplegging terugverwys. Oscar Pistorius Oscar Pistorius in Geargiveer vanaf die oorspronklike op 26 April Investigators claim Reeva's gunshot wounds didn't match up with the top she was wearing when her body was found.

Oscar Pistorius dressed girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp 's body after shooting her dead in a violent struggle, it has been claimed.

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Investigators allege that the paralympian must have been dressed the model after she was killed because her gunshot wounds didn't match up with the top she was wearing.

It comes as a never before seen CCTV image of Reeva driving into Pistorious's estate apparently wearing the same black vest she was found in has emerged. Double amputee Pistorius, 29, is facing more than a decade behind bars for the murder of Reeva on Valentine's Day in He is due to be sentenced in June for Reeva's murder and is currently staying at his uncle's house in Pretoria after having an electronic tag fitted.

In their book Oscar vs The Truth the forensic investigators concluded Reeva must have been dressed by the the paralympic athlete after she died. They found a mismatch between her gunshot wounds and the vest top she was found lying dead in - the same top she was wearing on CCTV footage after she arrived hours earlier.

He also said the cricket bat's rubber handle had been torn and stretched, suggesting a struggle. His theory is the athlete blocked Reeva from walking out on him by yanking off her jeans, and tugging off her vest — and severely grazing her nipple in the process.

It is incredible, really. Among the evidence analysed by the brothers was a picture reportedly showing a bundle of black bin bags and tape next to her body after she was brought downstairs. The bags were apparently used to stem the flow of Reeva's blood, although photographs from the scene showed little blood. Perplexed Thomas said that it seemed 'illogical' that black bags would be used to stem blood as they aren't absorbent. Pistorius is due to be sentenced in June after an appeal by the prosecution saw his conviction upgraded to murder last year.

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Musings on 'Opportunism', Laziness and Creativity At roughly 20 seconds into the above video, the Kyknet presenter asks the question: "If a journalist writes a book, isn't it opportunistic? This is the second book Recently I told someone I was one of South Africa's most diverse freelancers and she asked me to name some of the publications I've written for. I won't say I struck a blank, but I had that feeling you get when you go, "Shucks, where do I start? I like the way Charne Kemp answers the question.

She says, "That [making money] was never the goal. The goal was to write a book about a story that has everyone riveted. We don't expect to get rich for our efforts, or even to be paid what our efforts perhaps deserve. But like it or not, in the same way a petrol attendant, or a waitress or a Member of Parliament expect to be given money for time on the job, a writer has the same expectation.

Oscar Pistorius

What I find downright odd, is when you get people who devote their lives to the arts painting, writing, sculpture, making movies etc people are very quick to question their motives when they think they disagree with them.

But if anyone's motives can be questioned it is the cubicle slave or office jockey who secretly despises his job, and only does it for the gasp money. Intellectual and Spiritual Laziness Some people are happy to do that, and I guess sometimes a lot of moolah can help with the happiness part. Poor people are seldom happy. Well, actually there are very few people who hate their jobs who are happy.

They tend to feel trapped and miserably depressed.

steenkamp moord volksblad

What could be more demeaning than giving large fractions of your life force to something you despise doing, for the reward of a salary cheque, and a squidget of certainty? On the other question, are poor people miserable and the super rich blissful? I think the poor on the edges of the middle class, those fringes fraught with desperate attempts to compete or live in the same neighborhood as the 'Joneses' or otherwise become 'upwardly mobile' are certainly not the happiest.

Failure to keep up with the Joneses means you begin to compare yourself unfavorably to others, which is a recipe for unhappiness. The opposite is also true, happiness is knowing you are better than your neigbours, but - unless you're Warren Buffett - it only lasts so long. Trying to break into a clique, trying to emerge is always traumatic. It's no different for a writer slaving away in the hopes 'a book' will emerge from the sound and fury coming off their battered keyboards.

The poor accept their shitty circumstances, have low expectations, but they still make a jol of it.

GRAPHIC CONTENT: The photos of Reeva Steenkamp’s dead body her dad wants 'world to see'

They have a great community spirit, and they do take joy in the simple things. Until the next Act of God blows their house down, at any rate. But whether we're rich or poor, our idea of happiness is not work Friday, June 20, "we cannot get to their insides and cannot reveal our insides to them".

We touch people on the outsides of their bodies, and they us, but we cannot get to their insides and cannot reveal our insides to them. This is one of the great tragedies of our interiority-it is utterly personal and unrevealable. Once in a great while we succeed, sometimes more with one person, less or never with others. But the occasional break-through only proves the rule.She completed her Honours degree in Journalism at the University of the Free State, and will be completing her Masters degree by the end of She grew up in Bloemfontein.

Her passion for news stretches wide. Her active interest in actualities stretches from hard, complicated news stories, to human features and feel-good news. Life teaches her the most valuable lessons. Christmas in July!

steenkamp moord volksblad

Agriculture Agri Hour News. Property for Sale Property to Rent. Volksblad het berig dat dit sy derde beroerte was sedert die moord op die Steenkamp-gesin.

Intussen gaan die moordverhoor in September voort waarin 'n minderjarige teregtaan op aanklagte van moord, verkragting en regsverydeling nadat die drie Steenkamps in April verlede jaar dood op hul plaas Naauwhoek aangetref is. Don Steenkamp's appeal to be moved. Griekwastad teen's former lawyer not paid: report. GW-stad-moordverhoor: Steenkamp-familielid gefrustreerd. Don Steenkamp Sr's family brought closer by his passing.

Read More. TJR - Irritating Opinion. Posted on: 14 Jul Hide Footer. Visit the official Covid Portal. More Information. Please show you support by clicking on the required checkboxes. Cookies help us deliver our services. By using our site, you agree to our use of cookies. Tell me more OK.All the Afrikaans-language court reports below about the following trial of two black men were written by journalist Tom de Wet and obtained from the archives of Volksblad newspaper in Bloemfontein.

Steenkamp had spent all day harvesting maize. The men were sentenced to life-imprisonment. The two suspects claimed throughout their trial that all the evidence against them had been fabricated, including the fact that shoes belonging to the accused at the time of their arrest, had closely matched foot-tracks at the scene of the crime, and which were followed by SAPS inspector Nicolaas de Kock and sergeant David Silas, an Ovambo tracker, matching the soles of the shoes worn by Ntulwane, of of the two accused at the time of their arrests.

Mr Botha, who also was a gifted musician, had 70 workers living on his farm with their families. All lost their jobs and had to move away from the farm because his mother, Martha, was unable to manage the farm by herself, and moved to town.

He farmed with livestock, sheep and seed-crops. Below are the reports as archived by the Volksblad newspaper in Bloemfontein concerning this case, in Afrikaans:.

Haarmonsters stem ooreen, hoor hof in moordverhoor. James Ntulwane 30 en Clement Ratselane 24 gelewer nie. Die een haarmonster is ten tyde van die lykskouing geneem. Die beskuldigdes ontken skuld op die aanklagte van moord, roof met verswarende omstandighede en lykskending. Steenkamp se lyk is die oggend van 14 Augustus in 'n gat in die vloerplanke van 'n vervalle huis op 'n buurplaas gekry.

Sy nekwerwels, onderkaak en tande was gebreek. Dele van die vel van sy geslagdele was afgesny en verwyder, en sy linkertestikel was ook verwyder. Helena Ras, 'n beheer- forensiese-analis van die wetenskaplaboratorium, het gister voor regter G. Dit het net verskil rakende die lengte en gerektheid daarvan. Nicolaas de Kock, bevelvoerder van die Polisie se spoorsny-eenheid, en sers.

David Silas, 'n Ovambo-spoorsnyer, het getuig die sole van die twee pare skoene wat as bewystukke by die hof ingedien is, kom ooreen met die afdrukke van spore in die sand wat hulle die dag van Steenkamp se moord van die plaas af gevolg het.

Die verhoor word deur boere van verskeie distrikboere-unies bygewoon. Gerrit Steenkamp 39bekende boer en begaafde musikus van Bothaville, is klaarblyklik vermoor juis om sekere van sy liggaamsdele vir muti in die hande te kry. Die tweede, en minder waarskynlike moontlikheid, is dat sy moord bloot inherente boosheid van sy moordenaars was, en sy lyk geskend is net om 'n stelling te maak.

Dit was gister hier in die Hooggeregshof die betoog van adv. Marina Voges in die verhoor van mnre. Clement Ratselane en James Ntulwane wat van Steenkamp se moord, roof met verswarende omstandighede en lykskending aangekla word.

Steenkamp se lyk is die oggend van 14 Augustus in 'n gat in die stukkende plankvloer van 'n huis op 'n buurplaas gekry.Remember me. Forgotten password? Username or Email:. Back to login. Uitspraak: Adele Dempers het wortels vir die volgende jeugboeke gegee:.

Skaduwees, skatte en skelmstreke is die sesde boek in hierdie reeks van Nerine Ahlers en Alet Steenkamp. Print this article. Email this article. Please register or log in to comment. Hello, I have came across this hack, thought to share with [ Regards, The Sunday Times Books team. Forgotten your password? Enter your username or email address and we'll send you reset instructions Username or Email: Back to login.

Submit your original manuscript to uHlanga Press in February Adele Dempers resenseer verskeie jeugboeke Wortels vir almal! Skaduwees, skatte en skelmstreke deur Nerine Ahlers en Alet Steenkamp. Thomas sms. Thomas skerpioen. Thomas moord. Thomas aqua. Thomas geramte. Thomas aksie. Thomas nagmerrie.

Did you like this article? Share it Print this article Email this article. All book excerpts remain copyright their authors.Post a Comment. I was alarmed when this articlewritten by the Afrikaans freelancer, Jan Taljaard, came up, published by Rapport.

I wonder if Taljaard has read In Cold Blood? Because this was the exact opposite contention in my review, which is titled: 'Griekwastad' is SA's ' In Cold Blood '. And I went even further than that.

Jacques Steenkamp allows the story to reveal itself, and it is absolutely riveting.

steenkamp moord volksblad

Steenkamp does well to balance facts with observation, and washes all this with some — just enough — personal commentary that really resonates with the reader. It is a satisfying read, down to the last page, if for no better reason than because our common outrage is acknowledged. Taljaard then makes the opposite claim, saying Steenkamp's version is self-indulgent, and biased, and littered with inappropriate personal commentary. I found it restrained. It made me very, very angry.

Wilde aannames? Now Taljaard is accusing Steenkamp who first broke the story and let's face it, Steenkamp fields over 13 followers on twitter of unprofessional reporting. Really, Jan? A lot of the folks - possibly many suffering from OCD - would have hauled a writer over the coals for inaccuracies. Twitter offers the public a chance to do their own research and analysis, and so a journalist who is not up to speed on the trial can literally have his reporting cross-referenced with the live twitter feeds coming out of court.

All this is in the public domain, there's no cloak and dagger involved. Which makes Taljaard's allegation spurious. And while Taljaard appears to basically shoot down both books Steenkamp's and Kemp'she clearly bats for Kemp's side in the end. Look at this: Terwyl Steenkamp groot dele aan verbatim verslae van die hofverrigtinge afstaan, som Kemp die gebeure bondiger op Dit is moeilik om een boek bo die ander aan te beveel Strangely, I didn't have the same problem as Taljaard.

It wasn't the two-horse race I expected. I thought it would be. Neck and neck. For some reason I thought Kemp would go into more detail, find more on-the-ground gossip, and insight, perhaps uncover details of the boy's experience at Grey College, or add some depth and colour via the Steenkamp family. But Kemp got her 'inside' information via the Steenkamp family, the granny if I have my facts right - which creates an immediate bias and reason for 'restrained reporting'.

If anyone is going anything 'verbatim', it's Kemp, who quote a few entire newspaper articles straight of Die Volksblad. Also, I didn't realise Kemp is based in Kimberley, not Bloemfontein, and so I was disappointed that both Steenkamp and Kemp glossed over the Grey College details, although Steenkamp - in my view - provided a lot more detail on the thoughts of the then principal, Johan Volsteedt, and the arrest in his office.

While Kemp's book is more descriptive, I also found it more disconnected, since it was written in the third person. What bugged me the most about her book was the extent of her professional distance. There seemed very little comment or observation of the boy, on his reactions, and on her assessment of the whole debacle. Almost as though she was protecting the integrity of the Steenkamp family, or trying to stay within some self imposed journalistic agenda.

Interestingly the accused's name is not referred to in either book, other than as 'the boy'. I think Kemp's caution is misplaced though. Sometimes an Omerta is important, but not when your perpetrator is clearly guilty, as in this case. They simply could not comprehend how a child could pick up a gun and execute three people like animals.

People who think like that scare me. They scare me too.


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